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The not so typical premiere of ‘Not So Social Media’

As writers and editors we spend a lot of time working in quite obscurity. Squinting at glowing monitors in the edit suite.  Talking with people about hard or uncomfortable parts of their lives while there’s lights and cameras pointing at them. Or, writing proposals outlining why we should be given the opportunity and privilege to take…

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Calling “Action” for Action! Mental Illness Awareness Week PSA

Frequently, we say a small thank you to the powers of ‘synergy that-be’ for the opportunities that come our way, and the people we co-create with. One that we feel particularly thankful for is the CAMIMH and Bell Media “Faces of Mental Illness’ campaign, a national campaign with a mission to promote pathways to recovery…

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New Office, New Community

Just moved in to a great new space that comes per-configured with a brilliant new community. The Centre for Social Innovation is the home and launch pad for a whole bunch of smart, ambitious folks who are growing businesses with new paradigms and solving problems with crazy innovation.   Now we have the flexibility to…

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Ruck’n roll: Parapan Wheelchair Rugby

Some of us get stung by a wasp and skip exercise for a week. Others loose fingers and legs to septic infection and go on to bring Canada to gold through the brutal, hair-raising, sensational sport known as wheelchair rugby. Yes, it really is a sport, a damed entertaining one at that. Originally known as…

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Water Works Finished

We’ve just finished a cool project for the Regional Municipality of York called Water Works. We were tasked with creating some short but cool and interesting videos about the water infrastructure system in York Region. We were a bit uncertain about how to achieve the ‘cool and interesting’ thing, until we went out and scouted…

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