New Office, New Community

Just moved in to a great new space that comes per-configured with a brilliant new community. The Centre for Social Innovation is the home and launch pad for a whole bunch of smart, ambitious folks who are growing businesses with new paradigms and solving problems with crazy innovation.



Now we have the flexibility to meet with big teams preparing for big projects, have a quite coffee with creative partners, and host screenings for five people or five hundred. Even better, and a very nice surprise, we have a remarkable ecosystem of entrepreneurs and active minds surrounding us. We’ve already reached out for advice, collaboration and batteries, and we’ve been asked for insight, mentorship, and proposals.




It’s a cool place, if you’re near any of the three locations in Toronto, or the one in New York City, you should pop in and check us out – it’s great model that’s being copied in a lot places around the world.










Posted on September 14, 2015 in Blog

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