Calling “Action” for Action! Mental Illness Awareness Week PSA

Frequently, we say a small thank you to the powers of ‘synergy that-be’ for the opportunities that come our way, and the people we co-create with.

One that we feel particularly thankful for is the CAMIMH and Bell Media “Faces of Mental Illness’ campaign, a national campaign with a mission to promote pathways to recovery for people and families struggling with illness, and also providing a strong, unified voice for the mental health community at Parliament Hill.

We’ve been designing and creating video campaigns, PSAs, and video profiles of the ‘Faces’  for three years now, and every year we learn how challenging a life can be, and the incredible resilience that can result. We’ve watched the campaign grow and gain traction in the public sphere, and seen the messaging put into action.

This year we proposed a PSA campaign that would give the people clear, accessible, and easy to follow tools so that they too can pick up their proverbial megaphones and get muddy in the struggle. Titled ‘Be An Advocate’ we show Canada that advocacy can happen anywhere. At home, in conversation with a friend, in the workplace, and in the community. We think at this point in the quest for a stigma-free society, it’s not enough to voice concerns and state the ‘what’, we need real practical tools for social engagement – the objective now, is ‘how.’

This is a campaign that is close to our hearts, with mental illness in both our friends and families – we’ve seen the struggles, and how stigma creates barriers to achieving better mental health.

See what you think of how instructive and informative 30s of film can be.

With every campaign year, we grow creatively and emotionally as a company, and as individuals too. We are ever grateful for these opportunities.

Posted on September 29, 2015 in Blog

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